1952 Gibson "Southern Jumbo" FON #Z2779 15



Up until late 1954 the Southern Jumbo still had Scalloped Braces and was basically the same as it was during the late war years, featuring a Sitka Spruce Top, Honduras Mahogany Back and Sides, Brazilian Rosewood Fretboard and bridge (usually)...It had evolved to having a Bound Fretboard, along with the multiple Body Bindings and Parallelogram Fretboard Markers, which all added up to it having a fair amount of “Bling”...Story goes that the less attractive (to most) J45 was upgraded for the Gibson Reps travelling through the South, where they played more “hillbilly” (Country) Music, the thought being that the Southerners might be a little more tempted by the look, hence the name, Southern Jumbo...Very similar dimensions to Martins “Dreadnought” style guitars, but with the Round or “Slope” shoulders, which really set it apart...This one is a “stunner”, both visually and audibly, with incredible dynamic qualities, unusually loud and clear, equally at home at almost no volume, it is 71 years old, with NO Cracks, the Top is still very flat and unaffected, it doesn’t need a Neck Reset (and hasn’t had one either) and the only thing that is not Factory Original is the replaced Tuner Buttons, not the Tuners, just the Buttons, which is not unusual as they often shrink...If you are around the place and want to try something very special, call in!