1963 Guild F47 "Bluegrass Cherry" #23922



These older Guild guitars, they just tick all the boxes ...Tone? Great and a little unique as well...Volume? Plenty, it is called a Bluegrass cherry, or at least that was what it was called back then, F47 sounds a little bland by comparison!... Dynamics? Play it loud, play it quietly, there is clarity and balance and all the notes can be heard within the chord...Playability? It has a great neck shape a 43 mm Nut width, like most post war Martins, plenty of the original factory Frets left (with Nibs for all you aficionados)...Rarity and Collectability? Well we have two of these, but I have only ever seen 3 in the flesh and this one is the cleanest and most original...The 2 are right on either side of an interesting cosmetic change, one has "The Godfather” inlaid Pickguard  (Horses heads...You work it out!) and the other doesn’t...This is Factory Original with the case it was supplied with to its original owner back in 1963 and more than a worthy candidate for someone looking for one very cool acoustic guitar!