1974 Gibson Les Paul "Triumph" Bass. Walnut



*Please enquire for price and full details* We don't see these very often!  After a short run in 1970-71, Gibson reprised the Les Paul Bass with "Les Paul Triumph Bass" nomenclature from '71 to '79, with largest production from '72 to '74. Based on serial number and other details such as no volute we are dating this one to that period.  Walnut finish with set neck. Bound headstock with split diamond inlay. Bound neck with full 2-octave fretboard.  Gibson-marked Schaller M4 tuners. The full enchilada of Hi - Lo impedance and in-out phase pickup and tone options as developed by Les Paul.  Some buckle rash and hazing to lacquer on lower back but overall a very good condition collectible, playable, short scale (30") bass with its original case. Please enquire for price.