1965 Fender Jazz Bass #131390 - the real deal



SOLD.  This one comes from the year CBS were preparing to take over the helm at the Fullerton plant known as the "Fender Electric Instrument Company", renaming it "Fender Musical Instrument Company". This 3 Tone Sunburst Jazz Bass is a totally "FEIC" product, commonly known as Pre CBS. So, you get a Nitro Cellulose Finish, from Stem to Stern, something that was to take 3 odd years to replace. This one also has the "Lollipop" Tuner Buttons, which were used for about 18 months. Classic look, with the Tortoiseshell "Nitrate" Pickguard, Dot Inlayed Rosewood Fretboard, it is Factory original. aside from the strings. As good a 1965 Jazz Bass as you will find, though there aren't all that many to compare with it! So to modify that. it is as good a vintage Fender Bass as you would find!